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Authorized Spa Partner Program

Welcome to Conscious Choice, the healthiest, highest quality, and most luxurious brand of certified organic skincare products and spa treatments. We invite applicants that share our values and are committed to not compromising on any level and would like to join us in creating a more conscious planet.

We are dedicated to ensuring you are successful every step of the way with personalized education and support.


Wholesale Agreement Policy

To be eligible to open a wholesale account you must agree to our Wholesale Agreement Policy. We will send a copy for you to sign, along with your Welcome Packet once we have received your Wholesale Account Application.

• You have a permanent physical store location.
• You will not sell any of our products online.
• You agree not to undersell our suggested retail prices or have any unauthorized sales on our products.
• You will not use plastic to package our products.

At first, our wholesale requirements and policies may seem unusual, but it is because we are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of our brand and our motto, Non Compromissum, whether it is sold directly by us or you. Our unwillingness to compromise regarding the use of plastic for any of our packaging needs makes it very hard for anyone else to package and ship our products. The challenge of staying true to both luxury and eco-friendly meant we had to be creative when it came to packaging our products for shipping.
With our wholesale policy, we strive to ensure that the Conscious Choice® brand will always represent the highest standard of luxury, assuring that it remains an exclusive certified organic brand that you are pr


Wholesale Account Form

Please fill out the following information


oud to sell.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us or call customer service at 772-569-9499.