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Founders Story

For me, Conscious Choice started almost thirty years ago when I decided to stop buying products that were tested on animals. This meant giving up iconic brands that I had been using my whole life. Finding cruelty-free alternatives for shampoo, lotion and toothpaste before the age of the internet were challenging. Surprisingly, I liked my newly found products better than the products I had chosen to give up. To my delight, companies that cared about not testing on animals also cared greatly about the quality of the ingredients that go into their products. I was hooked, and so was my husband, Bob.

As the years went by, my choice to buy non-animal-tested products grew to include buying products that didn’t contain harmful chemicals; also, I wanted to cut back on using single-use plastic. The more I got into this…the MORE I got into this! Bob and I became vegetarians for health and ethical reasons. Poor Bob…he really misses bacon. We made every effort to buy organically grown and environmentally friendly products.

My conscious choices were certainly narrowing what I could put in my shopping cart. Many products just didn’t have a certified organic alternative, and skincare products weren’t available in anything but plastic. This was turning out to be harder than I thought it would be! So I started making my own toothpaste, deodorant, body lotion, etc. Because I was constantly whipping up new and improved versions and how much deodorant, hand cream, and toothpaste can Bob and I really use? I started giving away my concoctions. Much to my surprise, people LOVED my experiments and kept coming back for more.

My thirty-year journey has led me to create a USDA Certified Organic Compliant luxury skincare company that is packaged in environmentally conscious containers, making it a little easier to purchase skincare products that are both good for you and the planet. After listening to my concept, Bob came up with the name Conscious Choice.

We are the first company to connect luxury skincare, USDA Certified Organic Compliant, cruelty-free products with award-winning, non-plastic packaging. Creating Conscious Choice has been both a challenge and an adventure. I hope you’ll join me in making a Conscious Choice!

Founder and CEO,
Cathi Bates


What’s in a Name?

After days of endless ideas, my husband came up with the name Conscious Choice. I knew immediately that it was perfect and the search for a name was over. Officially a registered trademark, Conscious Choice is now mine forever. For us, Conscious Choice has come to represent a lifestyle as much as a company name. Every minute of every day is a challenge to try to think and act in a conscious way. This means making choices based on a reverence for our bodies, humankind and the earth we inhabit. There is no greater satisfaction than the feeling of doing the right thing. Realizing that every thought we have is a choice to be thankful, happy, sad or angry, is the first step to becoming a more conscious person. Lack of action today will only sacrifice the future of our next generations. Think before you act, trust your intuition, be true to your heart and make a Conscious Choice.