FACIAL CLEANSERS, SOAP, WASHES, FOAMING GELS, CLEANSING OILS: with so many choices to get the simple act of washing your face done, it’s hard to know which one to use and what the differences are among them.

They are all designed to remove dirt, sweat, and excess oils from the skin. They do so with the use of surfactants. Surfactants are both lipophilic (oil loving) and hydrophilic (water loving). They surround dirt and oil, making it easier for water to wash them away. Surfactants not only leave skin feeling fresh and clean, they also cause dryness, redness, and irritation as well as undermining the skin’s natural barrier function.


A cleanser is usually used at night to remove makeup, excess oil, dirt and pollution that have accumulated on our faces throughout the day. They can be used daily and are more moisturizing than your typical face wash.

  • Some cleansers require rinsing off with water while others are used to on a cotton pad or cloth to wipe your face clean.
  • They can be more gentle than a wash or soap.
  • Their consistency can range from water-like to dense and creamy.
  • It’s important that you find the right facial cleanser for your skin type.
  • Soapfree cleansers are often made of chemicals derived from petroleum.

Face Washes
Face washes are used in the morning to wash away sweat and excess oil. Due to their foaming action they can also be used at night to remove deep-seated dirt, grim and clean pores.

  • They are rinsed off.
  • Face wash can be used as a substitute for facial soap.
  • Although they leave our skin feeling clean they also strip away skin’s essential oils.

Facial Soaps
Facial Soaps are used in the morning to wash away sweat and excess oil. They can also be used at night to remove deep-seated dirt, grime, pollution, makeup, and clean our pores, thanks to their foaming action. A face soap is more gentle than regular body soap.

  • Although they do a good job of cleaning they also strip away skin’s vital oils.
  • Soaps with glycerin can be moisturizing.
  • Soaps can leave a residue or film.
  • Bar soap is made of a combination of lye and some type of fat and/or oil. Commercial soaps are very drying to your skin because the glycerin is usually removed and sold as a separate by-product, while homemade soap retains the moisturizing glycerin.


Over cleansing, washing or using products of the wrong pH destroy the natural lipids that help skin retain moisture and play a critical role in the skin’s barrier function in the stratum corneum(the thick outermost layer of the epidermis).

Lipids are also naturally anti-microbial. They work with a peptide called cathelicidin to help regulate your immune system. Harsh soaps etc. can destroy lipids and disrupt the lipid-peptide symbiosis that allows your immune system to adequately protect your skin.

They’re a core building block in your skin barrier. Lipids crucially fill in the gaps between your epidermal cells, making them an indispensable part of your skin’s formulation. Because soap in particular is so acidic, it strips away vital lipids in the stratum corneum, effectively pummeling your natural defense against pathogens by breaking down the very essence of your cellular structure. While the exact effect of cleansers on these fat cells is still not fully understood, it is believed that harmful surfactants are able to get in between and disrupt the lipid bilayers.

When functioning properly lipids help our skin’s natural ability to:

  • Repair itself
  • Improve texture and tone
  • Prevents water loss, maintaining hydration
  • Reduce the development of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase cellular regeneration and maintain healthy barrier function
  • Keep your skin soft.
  • Protect your deeper skin layers from sun damage.
  • Protect from disease.

When the lipid barrier is weak and not functioning properly it impacts our skin in many ways:

  • Skin is rough, dry and dull.
  • Feels uncomfortably tight and loses fullness.
  • Skin cells are more easily attacked by skin damaging free radicals; dirt and impurities penetrate easier causing skin to be irritated, more prone to infection, heal slower and prematurely age.


Although we all have different skin types, we do have one thing in common: our skin requires natural oils in order to function and maintain proper health. Finding the right products and skincare regime that is right for yourskin is the most important part of yourdaily skin care routine.

Using products that contain lipids similar to skin’s naturally occurring lipids is important. Botanical oil-based products that contain Essential Fatty Acids promote lipid balance.

Conscious Choice Botanical Facial Cleanser

A cleanser, wash and soap all in one product.
Our Gentle & Pure Botanical Facial Cleanser embodies clean beauty. Perfect for all skin types, our botanical facial cleanser gently washes away dirt and excess oil. Formulated without any harsh ingredients that strip away your skin’s natural oils. Its light fresh, floral-citrus scent refreshes and renews.

  • Handcrafted in small batches without severe heating that damages potency and nutritional content
  • Plastic-free, NO parabens or petro-chemicals contaminate our products or our planet
  • Does not contain water, fillers or emulsifiers resulting in a powerful and effective formula

Formulated with only 5 ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Litsea Cubeba essential oil, and Potassium Hydroxide

Whether you want to maintain or get your skin back into its healthy condition. Follow these simple steps.

Step 1- Use our Gentle & Pure Facial Cleanser. Apply to skin using a damp wash cloth or cotton pad, rinse off. Pat your face dry. Use morning and/or night.

Step 2- Exfoliation: Use Conscious Choice Natural & Pure Buttercream Facial Polish. Place a nickel-sized amount in palm of hand, gently rub hands together. Spread evenly on face, neck and décolleté. Gently massage and polish in a circular motion. Rinse off with warm wet washcloth, put dry with towel. For the first two weeks, use 2-3 times per week. For maintenance, use 1-2 times a week. As your skin is transformed the less frequently you will need to use it.Find the frequency that works best for you.

Step 3- Moisturizing: Use one of our Revitalize Youthful Radiance Serums or Face Buttercreams as needed. Spread evenly on face, neck and décolleté by gently massaging in a circular motion until the product has completely absorbed into skin.

Optional Step 4- Facial Masque: Use a Conscious Choice Botanical Facial Masques. Use every 2-4 weeks.


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