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alts have been a valuable commodity and necessity, as well as a luxury for thousands of years. Essential minerals naturally occur in our bodies but must be replenished as they are lost throughout the day. Soaking in a bath of sea salts is relaxing, luxurious and thought to be quite an effective way to replenish minerals. Sea salt, high in minerals and nutrients, contain many naturally occurring elements that ordinary salt does not. It is very important to not confuse modern day table salt with natural sea salt. Table salt has non-essential ingredients added and is stripped of all its nutrients. The minerals in sea salts are thought to help nourish and treat the skin in a variety of ways such as rejuvenating, restoring balance, reducing wrinkles, and giving the appearance of younger and healthier skin. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was the first one to detail the benefits of using sea water to cure various ailments. The ancient Greeks continued this thinking by soaking in seawater hot tubs. Then came the Romans, who raised bathing to a high art. Roman citizens lingered for hours in communal hot baths. They built lavish baths wherever they found natural hot springs. The still impressive ruins of the Baths of Caracalla in Rome covers 27 acres. Started in 212 AD and completed five years later, this complex could accommodate sixteen hundred people at a time. The Roman’s love and reverence for going to the “Baths” has continued today with our modern spas and resorts where a vast variety of spa treatments are offered and can be enjoyed. Conscious Choice endeavors to bring the time-honored tradition of bathing in sea salts to the comfort of your own bath.

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