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Drop-cap-Our Packaging

In keeping with our Non Compromissum (No Compromise) policy, we had to find the right non-plastic container that would not contaminate the planet or our products. We are extremely proud to offer our Conscious Choice skincare line in Eco Vision packaging. Eco Vision combines all the essential elements of an eco-friendly product. It is compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. Every Eco Vision package uses biodegradable adhesives and coatings. Our labels are also printed with vegetable-based inks. We are especially excited about our water-repellant Buttercream Body Scrub jar, as this was designed specifically for Conscious Choice!

Ellery and Gail West started Eco Vision when a thirty-foot juvenile sperm whale was discovered washed up on a Crescent City, California beach. Scientists determined that the whale starved to death due to the amount of plastic that filled its stomach. Upon seeing this tragedy and with the belief that single-use plastic needed to be reduced worldwide, Ellery and Gail spent the next several years inventing their patented Eco Jar and Eco Tube. These ingenious fiber-based jars and tubes can be recycled or composted because they do not leave behind any harmful chemicals.

Conscious Choice feels all customers should receive their orders individually gift wrapped, but this presented a conflict. Because we are a luxury skincare company that is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly packaging the challenge was how to meet the needs without being excessive by using unnecessary paper and boxes. We are very proud of our innovative and unique approach to solving this problem.

Because Conscious Choice products are temperature sensitive, finding the right climate controlled fulfillment center to ship our products was both a necessity and a challenge. We were delighted to find a fulfillment center that is located underground. This means neither air conditioning nor heating is required. It is naturally kept at a static climate of 65 degrees. 

Why We Are Plastic-Free

Plastic Pollution is taking over our landfills, and in our oceans, it has created at least five floating plastic islands called gyres. Ocean pollution is causing irreparable damage to our waterways, ocean’s ecosystem, and the wildlife in the surrounding wetlands. It permeates every part of our daily lives. Chemicals such as Bisphenol-A (BPA), Phthalates, Styrene and more leach out of the containers and contaminate food, beverages, and personal care products. These harmful chemicals are known carcinogens and endocrine disrupters. The health effects of these chemicals are not fully known yet. Conscious Choice is adamant about not putting our beautiful certified organic products in plastic containers.