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arrier oils (botanical oils) are derived from the fatty portion of a plant; usually from the seeds, kernels or nuts. Other companies use carrier oils to simply ‘carry’ other ingredients, overlooking the fact that botanical oils themselves contain a vast reservoir of biologically potent compounds. Conscious Choice uses only USDA Certified Organic Compliant, cold pressed or cold expeller pressed extracted oils to preserve the integrity of these invaluable properties. Botanical oils contain a complex variety of compounds with thousands of fatty acid constituents that possess powerful antioxidant properties. Some examples of these constituents are phenols, flavonoids, tocopherol (Vitamin E), resveratrol, and retinoids – (retinol/beta carotene/Vitamin A). These complex molecules inherently contain powerful antioxidants that are known to aid in elasticity, fight free radicals, regenerate cells, hydrate and repair dry, damaged skin. Fatty acids are not only the building blocks of oils, but they play an important role in our overall health. Omega and essential fatty acids are necessary for our bodies to regenerate and maintain healthy skin, making them a key ingredient in our skincare products. We have consciously chosen the carrier oils we use in each formula based on the function and beauty they offer. When these oils work synergistically in their purest form, you benefit from a more diverse variety of these compounds than if you isolated or synthetically produced them.

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