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Once the word got out that I was starting a certified organic skincare company, people started asking questions and making comments.


The Top Questions

  • What difference does buying organic products make? My grandmother lived until she was ninety-two and she didn’t eat anything organic.
  • I purchased organic strawberries and they didn’t taste any better. What’s the deal?
  • We live in such a polluted environment. What difference does buying organic make?


So why buy organic even though your grandparents didn’t buy organic?

Actually, in a roundabout way, they did! The National Organic Program did not exist until 2000 when the USDA decided they needed guidelines and regulations for the organic food industry. Prior to this date, there was no such thing as “USDA Certified Organic.” Since WWII, eighty-thousand new chemicals have been developed and introduced in our world. Considering these facts, your grandparents were eating naturally organic products. Your grandparents were not eating foods that were contaminated with these harmful chemicals.

Limit your exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides

Not so long ago, the 1960s even, things were extremely different. Even I can remember only being able to buy fruits and vegetables when they were in season; fresh pineapples were considered exotic when the grocery store had them in stock. Your options in the winter for fresh fruits and vegetables were very limited; however, you could always get frozen or canned. One of the joys of summer was going to the local sweet corn farm, and getting fresh Jersey sweet corn. It was the best and was only available for a short time. We ate corn until it was coming out of our ears! I’m always amazed how many people comment about organic foods not tasting better than conventionally grown foods. The main objective of purchasing organic is to limit your exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides. Plus, it reduces the toxic chemicals in our environment which also have a negative impact on our soils, waterways, oceans and our entire planet.


The FDA has no authority to regulate the safety of the cosmetics and beauty industry

When it comes to skincare products, I think it is especially important to buy certified organic products since the FDA has no authority to access the safety of beauty products before they go to market. Unlike food and drug manufacturers, the cosmetic industry (which includes skin care products) is free to use thousands of synthetic chemicals which are easily absorbed by the skin. The cumulative, long-term effects of these chemicals are unknown. These ingredients are not allowed in food products because you ingest them, but they are allowed in skincare products because they only are used topically, but as we know they are easily absorbed into the skin. For more information about some of the different types of chemicals found in skincare products, please check out our Toxic Chemical Encyclopedia.


Doesn’t it make sense to limit what you can?

It’s true that toxins are everywhere. Even though we cannot completely avoid exposure to pollutants and contaminants, purchasing organic products is one way to reduce that exposure. The NOP has very strict and enforced rules of compliance. Because of the extreme amount of effort, dedication and commitment needed to produce a USDA certified organic compliant product, it is safe to say that most who go to the lengths needed to produce a certified organic product, have a true dedication to the organic industry and care about the quality of their product. For more information, please view our certification tab.


Thank you for making a Conscious Choice for you,
our planet and our future generations. -Cathi

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Once the word got out that I was starting a certified organic skincare company, people started asking questions and making comments.   The Top Questions What difference does buying organic products make? My grandmother lived until she was ninety-two and she didn’t eat anything organic. I purchased organic strawberries and they didn’t taste any better. […]