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Although body butters may seem relatively new on the beauty scene, women throughout the world have known about the benefits of botanical butters for thousands of years. Cleopatra is said to have traveled with large jars of shea butter to protect her legendary beautiful skin from the harsh desert climate. A body butter is an intense, long-lasting moisturizer that lasts throughout the day with no need to reapply. Unlike lotions and creams, a traditional body butter only contains butters and oils making them extremely effective.

Types of Butters

  1. Butters that are made from a single nut butter.
  2. Butters that are made with a combination of butters including oils blended together.
  3. Butters that receive their name from the oil they are blended with. For example, Almond butter is actually an almond oil mixed with shea butter.

Butter Benefits

The benefits of butters are unequaled making them the perfect moisturizer. Botanical butters have inherent properties that nourish, soothe and protect your skin. At room temperature, solid or semi-solid fatty acids link together to form a butter. Fatty acids are extracted from the nuts, seeds or kernels of plants using the cold pressed or pure prime pressed (PPP) methods. The seeds, nuts or kernels used to make the butter determines their characteristics and properties such as softness, hardness, texture, and feel. Natural emulsifying properties within these butters hydrate and leave your skin feeling velvety-soft. Butters are rich in vitamins, minerals, omega and essential fatty acids containing powerful antioxidants that inherently contain anti-aging properties. These properties are extremely beneficial to your skin.


There is no formal definition for a buttercream. It is simply what Conscious Choice has chosen to call their unique skincare products. They are thicker than a cream and more lightweight than a typical face or body butter. They effectively moisturize and nourish creating a barrier to help protect your skin from the elements. Our Signature Buttercreams have the distinctive consistency of buttercream frosting and leave your skin feeling velvety-soft. To view the benefits of the butters Conscious Choice uses in their formulas, please click here


The difference between a lotion and a cream is the percentage of water to oil ratio they contain.

Water is the primary ingredient in most lotions and creams. When you look at the ingredient panel, you will see aqua or water as the first ingredient. Water thins the product out making it easier to spread and less greasy-feeling, which is a good thing. Who wants to feel greasy? But water also gives the illusion that the lotion or cream is quickly being absorbed into the skin. In reality, the water is merely evaporating taking beneficial, natural oils along with it. This leaves your skin dry over time and creates a vicious cycle for the need to reapply. Which is a good thing…for the manufacturers! It makes you purchase more.


Lotions by definition contain up to 80% water. They are very thin, lightweight and easy to apply. However, because they are thin and lightweight, they are not the best choice if you are looking for a moisturizer. The water evaporates quickly which actually causes your skin to dry out, much like when you lick your lips, they get chapped.


Creams by definition contain up to 60% water. Due to the lower percentage of water, they are more effective than lotions. However, they are not as thick and moisturizing as a body buttercreams.



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Although body butters may seem relatively new on the beauty scene, women throughout the world have known about the benefits of botanical butters for thousands of years. Cleopatra is said to have traveled with large jars of shea butter to protect her legendary beautiful skin from the harsh desert climate. A body butter is an intense, long-lasting […]

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