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All of Conscious Choice Certified Organic ingredients are purposefully chosen for their specific inherent properties that promote healthy, youthful looking skin. These properties in their natural form work synergistically resulting in effective and luxurious USDA Certified Organic skincare products. Botanical oils, butters and essential oils contain a vast reservoir of biologically potent compounds with aggressive antioxidant properties that fight free radicals to promote healthy skin.

Our skincare formulas contain no water, fillers or emulsifiers. We are extremely proud of our products’ ability to nourish and moisturize the skin without using water or synthetic ingredients. Water is often the first ingredient in many products. It is frequently used as a filler and can give the product the illusion of being absorbed quickly into the skin. We believe all the ingredients used in our formulations should be beneficial to your skin and not simply chosen for the benefits they lend to the product itself. We use only the purest and the finest Certified Organic essential oils and absolutes that are customarily found in luxury perfume formulas. By using these precious and costly oils, our fragrances have a deeper, more luscious scent profile than typical skin care products. Another thing that sets us apart is how we approach our products’ fragrances.

Conscious Choice endeavors to offer all of our skincare products in complete fragrance collections to prevent having to wear competing fragrances. Our products are handmade in California in small batches without severe heating or hydrogenation processes that damage the potency and nutritional content of our Certified Organic ingredients. You may notice some of our products are susceptible to consistency changes in extreme temperatures. We feel this is a good thing and is indicative of our products being free of chemicals, stabilizers or other harmful ingredients. They are as nature intended them to be. Enjoy the Conscious Choice you are making for your health, skin, and planet.Our


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